Unity Documentary Project

Today our class was introduced to a new project. The Unity Project.

For this project we will have the opportunity to produce a digital documentary based around one of the Unity equality and diversity themes for the NHC TV channel. The NHC TV is broadcast via the college website and as such can contain interactive elements. The theme we select and the format we use to produce our digital documentary is up to us. Our documentary can be based around the Unity week celebration that will take place in February and which is running the overall theme of Music.

We were told that we may work individually or in a group of up to 4. Our documentary should contain some moving images, but we should also try to experiment with the genre and push the boundaries to create something contemporary. Once our documentary is completed it will be showcased via the NHC TV channel.

Our documentary will also be made available to our audience interactively via a platform that will be chosen by us and shared throughout our whole first year cohort. The design, production and marketing of the platform and any interactive elements that we decide to incorporate into our documentary will be created as the final stage of this project.

I chose to work in a group of three. This includes Daisy Winterford, Chris Morris and myself.

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