Why do people stereotype?

Why do people stereotype?

We wanted to know why people stereotype certain groups; this is the research we found.

People stereotype because the human brain likes order and attempts to see patterns in disorderly situations. It is much more comfortable with routine and instructions that allow certain outcomes then it is to challenge our own minds. People can also become lazy and not make any effort to change their outlook.

Stereotyping is a form of prejudice and pre-judging. This usually occurs because people take the experiences they’ve had to assume the way they expect someone to behave based on what they know and what the person looks like. Some people are just plain ignorant to accept the differences within people.

To change our outlooks would be to look far within and this can be frightening for many.
People stereotype by projecting certain traits unto others.

For example: The assumption by the ignorant that women like shopping or that men like football. There is no evidence to suggest that women like shopping and that men like football.

Some people like football and some people like to shop. Others do not like football and others do not like to shop. Our minds try to create differences and in those differences, we can feel separate and therefore whole or even better than others.
It makes us feel special because we aren’t like “them”.

I am not arguing that there aren’t teenagers like that our there, but the fact that one teenager has spoiled the image of every other teenager. As I am a teenager, I find it annoying when we all are stereotyped and I think that there are a lot other teenagers that can relate to this image and have been victims of stereotyping.


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