We will record some teenagers thoughts on stereotypes about their generation and/or ask them if they would stand up to it and deal with the image of teens.

Ask them about what they think the stereotyped teenager is a would they agree.

Is it fair to judge an age group who are going through many changes in their life and very quickly.

Do you think that teenagers play up to their stereotypes so they fit in?

Interview one (Transcript): Lily Winterford, 17.
Daisy: What is a stereotypical teenager?

Lily: Moody, umm.. annoying and loud. They don’t care about anything.

Daisy: Do you think you are a stereotypical teenager?

Lily: Yes, because I believe i do what other teenagers do.

Daisy: Do you think that it is fair to judge our generation?

Lily: No, everyone is different. No one should be judged at all. You should be yourself.

Daisy: Do you think that teenagers play up to the stereotype?

Lily: Sometimes, as they think it’s cool to act that way.

Daisy: And just one last question. Do you believe that teens are stereotyped more than other age groups?

Lily: Yes, definitely, because they seem to be under the spotlights and are stereotyped within the media industry a lot more.


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