The Stereotypical Teenager

People have different idea about the ‘Stereotypical Teenager’. Below are some stereotypes that people link towards teenagers.

The Stereotypical Teenager:

  • Immature
  • Rude
  • they don’t care
  • Loud
  • Lazy
  • Always out
  • Moody/Stroppy
  • Obnoxious
  • Selfish
  • They don’t think
  • Rebellious
  • They’re up to no good

What is it about teenagers that make the rest of society turn against them?
Here is an example, written by a male teenager.

“Personally I think that these stereotypes apply more to me because I am a male. In addition to being a male teenager, I also have noticed that people think negatively of me because I wear a longer hair style than what is typically expected in society. Some people grow long hair to show rebellion, or to be unique, but I wouldn’t classify myself into either of those categories, I simply enjoy having it more than short hair. But because of that, many members of society link certain stereotypes of male teenagers to me because I show long hair. I could be considered many different things including: rebellious, troubled, angry, arrogant, or any other sort of stereotype out there. How could anyone possibly claim to know all of these false accusations simply based on my age, and my gender?” –

So depending on the way you look or the way that you present yourself, or even show some personality by hair colour or length, could determine what todays society think about teenagers. But why do they label teenagers as a whole, rather than just one teenager? I believe that there are many misconceptions about teenagers.

As I am a teenager, I find it annoying when we are all stereotyped as one teen. I think that there are a lot of teenagers out there that can relate to this image. People, like myself, change the way they look by dying hair, get piercings and tattoos etc as a way to express themselves.

Is it fair that teenagers are stereotyped?


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