Technical Element Evidence

Technical Elements:

During the project we was given another task, which was to create a website that included some technical elements to get the viewer involved. At the bottom of the website are 6 people. Sam, Luke, Will, Skye, Ashleigh and Julian. When you click on each person it takes you to a different page that included their story about stereotypes and the stereotypical teenager. In the top left corner of every page is a ‘Home’ button. Clicking this will return the user to the home page where they can continue looking at the 6 peoples stories.

Also on the front page is a roll-over element. This is when you can roll your cursor over the image to reveal some statistics about the ‘Stereotypical Teenager’. This image was created on excel by our group. This is to include some form of stats and figures.

This image shows that the background is blue, but we have kept the background on the home page to white and the background colours on the peoples stories to a beige to match the roll-over image on the home page. We thought keeping the page colour neutral would be better.

Technical Elements


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